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A Research Project with Denise Jones


A six week coaching opportunity for women in the life phase between motherhood and cronehood (in their 50’s and 60’s).


I am inviting women who are:


The research project runs from July to September 2013.



The purpose with this research is twofold:


Firstly, to document how women reinvent themselves as they transition from their life season in the motherhood phase to another way of being a woman in their post menopause phase.


A second purpose is for me as coach and researcher to facilitate a client’s journey to a desired way of being relevant to this stage of her life.


The notion of the Triple Goddess as Maiden, Mother and Crone is reflected in the seasons of spring, summer and winter respectively. Each of these phases or life seasons has a rites of passage that shapes its impulse and associated expectations.


Many women, like myself, are no longer in the motherhood phase, yet we do not feel that we are Crones. What we can feel is that we have something to offer and are exploring ways to express this in the world. We can feel the call to integrate our knowledge and wisdom, share our gifts, give back to the community, make a difference.  Lara Owen refers to this as the Maga* Life phase of a woman. It is the autumn season of a woman’s life—a time to harvest life skills and explore new ways of being a woman.








Themes to be explored include: sexuality, spirituality, women’s rites of passage, responding to the call to serve/giving back, inner feminine and inner masculine, ways to express our newfound integration.


Maga* Lara Owen sees this Maga phase as being framed between menopause and retirement or withdrawal from general busy-ness of life. This is the life season that features the harvesting of a woman’s life skills and where her focus might shift from family to community. (Lara Owen: Her Blood is Gold)


If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact me: on my cell +27 83 261 2106 or by email: jjones@iafrica.com







Image by Susan Boulet