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About Denise


Denise Jones has a Personal Development and Life Coaching practice in Simon’s town (South Africa). In addition to her regular coaching practice, her client’s have the option of choosing variations of 2 specialised coaching programmes.  The one focuses on women’s sexuality and the other on the Munay-ki (spiritual rites). Denise also offers an annual 6-week workshop on women’s sexuality and has an ongoing research project for women, which explores rites of passage as a wise woman.


Denise holds a doctorate (PhD) in Women’s Studies from Utrecht University in the Netherlands (2001); a Masters Degree in Human Movement Studies (Stellenbosch University); two Honours Degrees: i.e. B Soc Sc Honours in Social Anthropology (UCT) and a BA Honours in Physical Education (Stellenbosch University).


After 30 years in the educational field (10 years in school teaching and 20 years as a university lecturer), Denise, eventually followed her heart and began exploring metaphysical practices. In 2008 she resigned from the academia and after completing various initiations in the African and Andean traditions, began studying Life Coaching. In 2012, she graduated with a Diploma in Practitioner Coaching (Dip PC) from the Coaching Centre in Bergvliet, South Africa.


Most of her professional life as a feminist scholar and sportswoman has been dedicated to lecturing, researching and policy writing on women’s sports amongst South African sportswomen. Her professional and political journeys shaped her approach to her academic work, to community outreach, and to her own life as a woman. Now Denise’s coaching practice reflects both her academic background and her metaphysical training, the latter being shaped by 4 esoteric realms of enquiry:


Firstly, by the exploration of the mysteries of her own sexuality and the teachings on Women’s Sexuality offered by the Advait Tantra School and Dakini Shakti. Denise’s deep inner and personal work regarding her sexuality has inspired her to want to create a specialised coaching programme on Women’s Sexuality. She has completed facilitation training in Women’s Sexuality with Dakini Dr Shakti Malan. In addition, she has participated in the Women-Within International workshop and the Women Within Empowering Circle and has attended women’s retreats and Goddess workshops.


Secondly, by the Shamanic practices and initiations in the Celtic, African and Andean traditions taught by traditional healers in South Africa and Peru. Her calling led Denise at first to work with a South African traditional healer. Her studies and initiations in the Andean tradition have taken place in South Africa and Peru. Her Peruvian teacher was Kamaq Wageag (Regis Llerena). Denise has also received, and is able to gift others, the Munay-ki rites. These are the sacred rites of the Q’ero shaman who are keepers of this ancient mystery school knowledge. She has a passion for nature and a love for outdoor pursuits which include walking the Camino and visiting sacred sites. Exploration of the natural elements features strongly in Denise’s training and initiations which are based on a deep reverence for the feminine energy and spirit of Mother Earth (Pachamama).  


Thirdly, by the insights and wisdom acquired through her research into and journey with Goddess Spirituality. Her relationship with Goddess Spirituality began in the late 80’s. It was a time of reconnecting with her inner feminine. This was facilitated by Denise’s journey as a doctoral student in Women and Gender Studies at Utrecht University. Initially, her research, writing, teaching and conference presentations all offered opportunities to develop and express her curiosity about femininity, masculinity and female/ male physicality. Since 2003 her exploration has focussed more on the sacredness of the feminine and the relationship between the inner feminine and inner masculine.


Fourthly, by her introduction to and reading of Anthroposophy through Psychophonetics, which is a creative modality of personal transformation, counselling, expressive and artistic therapy. It is based on Rudolf Steiner’s Anthroposophy and Psychosophy and was developed in the 1980’s by Yehuda Tagar. As a student of Psychophonetics for 3 years Denise embraced the methodology of experience-awareness and brings into her practice the concept of inner leadership.