Purpose-Full Coaching

Awakening your creative power




In addition to her regular coaching practice, Denise offers this specialised coaching programme on Woman’s Sexuality. 


For whom is coaching female sexuality?


I envisage that women who are drawn to explore this work with me as their coach will be women who are interested in: 



 Reclaiming their sexuality

 Embarking on a journey of self-discovery

 Exploring their own personal mysteries

 Relating to their body with awareness, love and deep respect

 Connecting to the source of their authentic power and wholeness

 Feeling the link between their sexuality and their spirituality

 Understanding the relationship between their inner feminine and inner masculine

 Opening up to the feminine aspect of their psyche as a woman

 Rediscovering the sacred feminine and the mysteries of the goddess within them 














Woman is a mystery. Knowing ourselves as women, is a journey into the unknown - a spiritual path that begins with what we know and can end with a knowing of all that is.  Every woman holds the essential energy of the embodiment of female sexuality/ of Shakti (the feminine principle) which  has the power to awaken us to realities unknown AND to facilititate our alignment with our true purpose and meaning of life. The journey of every woman is of rediscovering the sacred feminine within.










Image by Susan Boulet