Purpose-Full Coaching

Awakening your creative power





The Nature of my Coaching Framework


Input answers the question “What informs my coaching?”/ “What do I bring to my coaching?” 


Throughput answers the question “How do I coach?”/ “How do I facilitate the process?” 


Output answers the question “Why do I coach?”/ “What is my purpose for coaching?”




” What informs my coaching comes from both the academic and the esoteric domains as well as my ongoing development as a coach through experience and further studies.



My coaching model which was inspired by the metaphor of the spiral staircase, offers structure in my coaching sessions. The coaching process is also shaped by my coaching purpose and directed by the 3 key components of my coaching model:  setting intention, exploring realities and establishing learning.



I coach because it allows me to merge the notion of having a calling with a career.   




Simply stated: I coach because it enables me to live my life on purpose and to facilitate the same opportunity for others.